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Photovoltaic inverter main technical indicators

by:Fangpusun     2020-04-26
Photovoltaic inverter like normal inverter has strict technical standard, any a inverter must meet the following technical indicators is the qualified products. Output voltage in a photovoltaic system, the stability of the electrical energy from solar cells by storage battery first, and then through the inverter inverter into 220 v or 380 v alternating current (ac). Changes (between 4 v Beyond the scope of possible damages to the battery) 。 For a qualified inverter, the input voltage of changes in the scope, the steady output voltage variation shall be no more than plus or minus 5% rating, at the same time when the load mutates, the output voltage deviation should not exceed the rating of plus or minus 10%. Output voltage waveform distortion of sine wave inverter, should be allowed maximum waveform distortion degree ( Or harmonic content) 。 Usually expressed as a total output voltage waveform distortion degree, its value should be no more than 5% ( Single-phase output allowing l0 %) 。 Due to the higher harmonic inverter output current will produce the additional loss, such as eddy current on the perceptual load if inverter waveform distortion through big, will lead to serious heat load components, is not conducive to the safety of electrical equipment, and has influenced seriously the operation of the system efficiency. Load rated output frequency to include motor, such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc. , due to its best working point frequency 50 hz motor, frequency is too high or too low will cause heating equipment, reduce the system efficiency and service life, so the output of the inverter frequency should be a relatively stable value, usually in the form of power frequency 50 hz, the normal work under the condition of the deviation should be within + / - % l. Characterization of inverter with load power factor of inductive load or capacitive load capacity. 9. In load power of certain situations, if the lower the power factor of inverter, the inverter for capacity will increase, on the one hand it increases costs, photovoltaic system communication circuit of apparent power increase at the same time, the loop current increase, loss will increase, the system also reduces efficiency. Inverter efficiency of inverter efficiency refers to the regulation of working conditions, the ratio of output power to input power, expressed as a percentage, in general, the nominal efficiency of photovoltaic inverter is refers to the pure resistance load, the efficiency of 80% load cases. Because of the photovoltaic system overall cost is higher, so you should maximize the efficiency of the photovoltaic inverter, to reduce the cost of the system and improve the performance of photovoltaic (pv) system. The current mainstream inverter nominal efficiency between 80% ~ 95%, the small power inverter for the sake of their efficiency of no less than 85%. In actual design process of the photovoltaic system, not only to select high efficiency inverter, also should through the reasonable configuration, make pv systems work load near the best efficiency point. 6, rated output current ( Or the rated output capacity) Said within the prescribed scope of the load power factor, rated output current of the inverter. Given some inverter products are rated output capacity, the unit with VA or kVA said. Rated capacity of inverter is when the output power factor to 1 ( Namely, pure resistance load) , the product of the rated output voltage of the rated output current. 7 a good performance of the inverter, protection measures, also should have perfect protection function or measures, to deal with in the process of actual use of all kinds of abnormal situation, make the inverter itself and other system components from damage. ( 1) For input under voltage protection: when the input voltage of less than 85% of the rated voltage, inverter should protect and display. ( 2) Input for over voltage protection: when the input voltage is higher than 130% of the rated voltage, inverter should protect and display. ( 3) Overcurrent protection, overcurrent protection of inverter, should be able to ensure that the load short-circuit or current exceeds allowable values timely action, make it from the damage of the surge current. When work by more than 150% of the rated current, inverter should be able to automatic protection. ( 4) 5 s. ( 5) Input reverse connect protection: when the input correct, negative against, inverter should have protective function and display. ( 6) Lightning protection: inverter should have lightning protection. ( 7) Over temperature protection, etc. In addition, the measures on the no voltage stability inverter, inverter shall also have the output overvoltage protection measures, so that the load from the damage of overvoltage. Starting feature representation inverter load starting of ability and the dynamic performance of the work. Inverter should guarantee the reliable starting under rated load. Power electronic equipment in the transformer noise, filtering inductance, magnetic switch, fan parts will produce noise, etc. Normal operation of the inverter, it should be no more than 80 db noise, the noise of the small inverter shall not exceed 65 db.
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