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Photovoltaic inverter fault affects the capacity

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-02
Users after installation of power generation system, the most concerned about is how many capacity, with the benefits of electricity directly related to the user, so it was very important. When the user capacity low, what reason be? There are several reasons influence of photovoltaic power generation, such as cable, installation location, photovoltaic inverter fault, dust and so on can affect the electricity. Pv inverter manufacturer today about the detailed introduction of photovoltaic inverter fault affects the output. 1, the power switch tube power switch tube is the main device that convert dc to ac inverter is of the heart. Now use the power switch tube of IGBT inverter and MOSET etc. , is one of the most vulnerable parts inverter, it has 3 be afraid, afraid of overvoltage, a tube of withstand voltage 600 v, if both ends of the voltage exceeds 600 v, less than 0. 1 seconds will blow up; Afraid of over-current, a rated current is 50 a tube, and if by current greater than 50 a, less than 0. 2 seconds will blow up; Section 3 be afraid too warm, IGBT temperature of 150 degrees or 175 degrees, not control it in 120 degrees commonly, heat dissipation design is one of the most key technology in the inverter. Power component is damaged, means that inverter need to be replaced the whole machine. But don't have to worry about, because the inverter in the design, these factors have been thoughtful, under normal circumstances, to the service life of 20 years there is no problem. Inverter at installation time, want to consider to inverter with the cooling channels and other grid if you have high harmonic voltage mutation and too frequently, can cause the damage of overvoltage devices. 2, electrolytic capacitor energy storage component, also is the indispensable components of inverter. Capacitance electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, etc. , have their own characteristics, are needed by the inverter. There are many reasons affecting the service life of electrolytic capacitors, over voltage, harmonic current, high temperature, rapid charge and discharge, etc. , under normal use, the biggest impact is temperature, because the higher the temperature the faster the volatilization of the electrolyte loss. It is important to note here is not referring to the temperature of the environment or surface temperature, it is the operating temperature of the aluminum foil. Vendors will often capacitor life and test temperature at capacitor ontology, the volatilization of the electrolyte limits the service life of electrolytic capacitors, Japan is the world's best capacitance of the NCC, one of it in the specification book marks the longest life is 15 years. 3, the LCD screen inverter LCD screen can display instantaneous power photovoltaic power station, power, input voltage and other indicators. If you can show the cause of the problem, it will be a very useful parts. Most inverters have a display, but also have. In addition to the above advantages, liquid crystal display has a fatal flaw - — Life is short. 3 - quality general liquid crystal display work 40000 hours, you will get serious attenuation cannot be used. 6 - we according to the inverter working hours 20:00, LCDS work 14 hours a day, a year for 5000 hours. Assuming that LCD life of 40000 hours, the service life of it for eight years. Now in inverter generally keep monitor, power station in the high-power group series inverter, LCD display is a trend. 4, fan group string type inverter cooling pattern mainly has forced air cooling and natural cooling. Forced air cooling is used fan, through the set of string type inverter heat capacity experiment and comparison, the power set of string type inverter, forced air cooling heat dissipation effect is better than natural cooling cooling way. Using forced air cooling can make internal capacitance, IGBT inverter key components, such as lower temperature 20 ℃ or so, to ensure long life high efficiency inverter, and adopts the natural cooling method inverter, high temperature components reduced life spans. High-quality fan for 40000 hours, the life of a smart cooling of inverter, general inverter power to more than 30% to begin to work, about 4 hours a day on average 5 hours, about 1800 hours a year, use 20 years there is no problem. Fan is the most common fault is bad fan power supply, or a foreign body into the fan inside, hindered the fan rotation.
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