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Photovoltaic inverter, easy to ignore the important function

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-05
For photovoltaic power station, the photovoltaic modules and inverters is undoubtedly one of the core equipment, components, namely the panels, converts sunlight into electricity is similar to a number of small batteries, inverter dc into communication can be hooked up to the application. Industry energy conversion function for pv inverter has been know very well that in determining the quality of inverter switch is undoubtedly the efficiency index, industry common understanding that the component is selected dc power output was determined, inverter is selected ac power output of the system is also established. Then look at each manufacturer is almost the same inverter efficiency parameters ( The highest efficiency of 98. About 7%, the effect of 98. About 4%) , then decide the efficiency of the system is mainly the battery components, inverter which has little to do. The fact is it true? We see a mechanism built in hainan special inverter test platform of test data, component, stents, component installation Angle, and toward all the same, chose 6 kinds of inverters, there's a slight difference in our actual test output data has reached to 6%. Don't efficiency parameters of inverter manufacturers to have so the waters? Actually not, if we take the rf power analyzer measured inverter dc input and ac output power, will find that although the inverter conversion efficiency may not have claimed that high, but the two inverter efficiency difference also is not big, are below 1%. The difference is whether can show panels of the dc power lead to? For example, has a set of panels leads to a significant reduction in the output power quality problems, but when we just exchange inverter, will find switching inverter after the original power will still be high capacity, high that is not a component array itself on decision problem. Out where is the problem? To figuring out what the problem is still under review panels are the basic characteristics and working principle of the inverter MPPT. From above visible component of an important job characteristics: component output power by the working voltage relationship decision, namely component with maximum power output power and deviation of maximum power point, low or high voltage can result in component output power reduction. That is to say, if a plant system components in the practical work of voltage deviation from its maximum power voltage, then the output power of photovoltaic modules arrays will reduce, will lead to lower on generating stations. So the working voltage of the component is how to determine? This is MPPT tracking principle of inverter, the inverter can adjust the input dc voltage, and photovoltaic inverter dc input is with component is the cathode electric directly connected, the inverter by detecting the change of output power, thus to raise or lower the input dc voltage adjustment instruction, and finally is relatively stable in the component near the maximum power of voltage value. Power systems, photovoltaic modules finally whether to work in the best condition, the ability to play much, isn't it to decide, but decided to inverter, and the working voltage for a component have great influences on the power output is easily can reach more than 10%. Inverter, therefore, in addition to energy conversion function, there is a more important functions: power station control system. And for power generation, inverter conversion efficiency influence power in 0. 5 ~ 1%, the inverter control system is good or bad will affect plant capacity 5 ~ 10%, the influence of 10 times the efficiency of its own. So, as a photovoltaic inverter power station owner in the choose and buy when, besides the inverter itself conversion efficiency, also need to pay more attention to the power plant control system, system control the output of differences than the inverter itself efficiency much more. Common inverter type, the current set of string type inverter devices have multiple MPPT characteristics, in terms of power plant control system function more detailed and accurate, and can often bring about high capacity, is the first choice for power plant owners inverter type. More articles about photovoltaic inverter shows: the basic concept of common household photovoltaic 10 q 10 a
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