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Photovoltaic inverter common faults and elimination method

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-29

Photovoltaic inverter is a kind of power supply regulator, is made up of many components. With the wide use of photovoltaic power station, photovoltaic inverter as an important part of the photovoltaic power station plays an important role. Because pv inverter after long-term use can sometimes appear a few small fault, need the maintenance man to repair. Because of the particularity of inverter, when the maintenance is not paralysis. Today inverter manufacturer's detailed introduce some photovoltaic inverter maintenance notice: 

1, before any repair work, should first disconnect the electrical connection in the inverter to the power grid, and then disconnect dc electrical connections.

 2, wait at least 5 minutes until completion of the internal components discharge shall be for repair work.

 3, any affecting the safe performance of the inverter fault must immediately ruled out before once again open the inverter. 

 4, avoid unnecessary circuit board contact 

5, abide by the electrostatic protection specification, wear anti-static bracelet. 

 6, pay attention to and comply with the warning label on the product. 

 7 before operation, the initial visual inspection equipment is damaged or other dangerous state. 8, pay attention to the inverter hot surface. Such as the radiator of the power semiconductors, in inverter power cuts after a period of time, still keep high temperature. Photovoltaic inverter after maintenance fault all solve, make sure to open the power station. Keywords: photovoltaic inverter more articles about inverter show: energy storage inverter and photovoltaic inverter industry standard for comparison
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