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Photovoltaic inverter common failure problems and solutions

by:Fangpusun     2020-04-25
Photovoltaic inverter is a kind of electric energy conversion device, is widely used in photovoltaic power generation systems. Play an important role in the field of photovoltaic (pv) and photovoltaic inverter in use is also need to check the maintenance, such as some common problems and so on. Inverter manufacturers today about the detailed introduction of photovoltaic inverter common failure problems and solutions. 1. Problem: electric does not work, inverter indicator is not on the reason is: 1. 2 battery. Across the counter 3. Not even close. Answer: 1. Check the battery, according to the specific circumstances change of 2. Check the battery connection, the inverter may be damaged, should be 3 replacement inverter or sent to maintenance. Check the cables and connections, tighten the connections. 2. Problem: electric does not work, inverter red indicator reason is: 1. Electric power rating than nominal power inverter, cause overload shut off 2. Electric power is less than the nominal power inverter, high peak power, cause overload shut off 3. Battery power after ( Inverter alarm) 4. The poor ventilation, cause thermal shut off 5. The input voltage is too high. Answer: 1. Service power is less than the rated power inverter electrical appliances of 2. Electrical peak power is less than peak power inverter, using peak power consistent with inverter electronics; 3. Charge or replace battery, 4. Close the inverter, cooling for 15 minutes, remove items around fan and inverter, the inverter in a cool place, 5. Close the photovoltaic inverter, check the battery output voltage 3. 。 Problem: the measure of the inverter output voltage is too low reason: the general measure with the voltmeter reading range is too small. A: measurement of square wave inverter output application & # 8221; True RMS multimeter & # 8221; In order to obtain accurate data. 4. Problem: the small power load inverter can only be carried on the reason is: the current flows through a wire, the voltage decay. A: shorten wire length, use bold wire. 5. Question: battery use time is too short for is 1. Electric power consumption is greater than the inverter rated load 2. 3 if the battery bad or are damaged. Battery charging 4 enough. Attenuation when the current through a wire. Answer: 1. Using the large capacity battery 2. Replace the battery 3. The charger can't better intelligent charger for battery charge must be replaced. Shorten wire length, use bold wire.
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