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Photovoltaic inverter and photovoltaic components between how the best match

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-01
In the photovoltaic power station system, components and photovoltaic inverter is an important part of the two pieces of the whole system, inverter at a much higher price relative to the individual components, many users have this idea, relying on the maximum input power of the photovoltaic inverter, increase in the volume of the component to be access, to improve the overall capacity of power station. Actually ratio between them is the ratio of science, scientific ratio only able to bring the biggest hydropower station operation efficiency. In fact, the photovoltaic modules and the ratio between the inverter to comprehensive consideration of various factors, such as lighting, installation site, component factors and inverter and so on. Light altitude factor in solar energy resources subdivided into five categories, including category, class ii and class iii area light resource better, four, five district sunshine time is relatively short, different regions of irradiance difference is bigger, the greater the Angle of the sun, the stronger the solar radiation. Second, the higher the altitude, the stronger the solar radiation, thin air, because of the high altitude atmosphere to the weakening of the solar radiation. Such as, the qinghai-tibet plateau, the sun radiation, the strongest but photovoltaic inverter heat dissipation, inverter will run down the forehead, therefore, photovoltaic component ratio was low. 1 installation site factors. Dc power station adopts different installation method, system efficiency loss in dc side is quite different. Distributed photovoltaic power station, component dc inverter, photovoltaic inverter if installed, dc cable is very short, dc system efficiency can achieve 98%. Centralized power stations on the ground, because of the dc cable is longer, the energy from solar radiation to the photovoltaic modules to a dc cable, and junction box, dc distribution cabinets and other equipment, dc side of the system efficiency is usually about 90%. 2. Power rating of the inverter output voltage change is not invariable, maximum power grid voltage drop, not inverter power rating. Such as 33 kw inverter, maximum output current is 48 a, rated power is 33 kw, rated output voltage of 400 v power, 48 * 400 v * 1 a. 732 = 33. KW, if the grid voltage to 360 v, the inverter output power 48 * 360 v * 1 a. 732 = 30. kW。 3. Inverter thermolysis photovoltaic inverter installation location is required, general to choose in the ventilation is good, sunshine can't direct. If can not meet the above installation conditions, consider derating, components must be less worthy. Component itself factors photovoltaic component design life of 25 years to 30 years, most will have 0 - components factory in the production design 5% of tolerance, so that the components in the use of 25 years later, still can achieve 80% efficiency. Second, about the temperature of the power system - components 0. Temperature drop 41% / ℃, photovoltaic components, components of power will be increased. Photovoltaic inverter itself factor 1. Inverter working efficiency and life of the inverter efficiency is not fixed, power from 40% to 60%, the highest efficiency, less than 40% or more than 60%, will reduce efficiency. And the life of the inverter and has a lot to do with operating temperature, high power inverter for a long time operation, the highest temperature according to the test, inverter work in 80 - for a long time Power when life than in 40-100% About 60% 20% lower power. 2. The best working voltage range of inverter voltage around the rated working voltage of the inverter efficiency is highest, single-phase 220 v inverter, inverter input rated voltage is 360 v, 380 v three-phase inverter, the inverter input rated voltage is 650 v. Such as 3 kw inverter, with 260 w component, working voltage 30. 5 v, 12 working voltage 366 v, the power of 3. 12 kw for the best. 30 kw inverter with 260 w components, 126 pieces of components, each 21 string all the way, the voltage is 640. 5 v, total power is 32. 76 kw is the best. 3. Inverter output power and overload capacity of different brands with the power of photovoltaic inverter, output power is also different, some enterprises production inverter without overload capacity, and as the domestic photovoltaic inverter manufacturers, the maximum power output can overload 1. 1 - 1. 2 times, so the power of the photovoltaic inverter, inverter to than other no overload capacity of the inverter with at least 20% of the components. So, photovoltaic inverter and component proportion is not optional and for, otherwise invisible losses, when installing a photovoltaic power station, to comprehensive consideration of various factors, must choose the best of the domestic photovoltaic enterprise formal qualifications. More articles about photovoltaic inverter show: photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter and photovoltaic off-grid inverter
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