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Photovoltaic inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-04
Inverter is the direct current into alternating current (ac) of electronic equipment. Because of electricity generated by pv panels are direct current ( DC) Electricity, and family load usually is the use of communication, AC) Electric power. By this time will need to use pv inverter, photovoltaic array to generate the DC power into AC power. Photovoltaic inverter in the photovoltaic power generation system is indispensable. But there are many different kinds of photovoltaic inverter. At present, according to the operation mode, photovoltaic inverter can be divided into independent operation inverter and grid inverter. Independent operation inverter is used to run the solar cell power generation system, load power supply for independence. Grid inverter is used in the parallel operation of the solar cell power generation system, will feed into the electricity grid. According to the output waveform inverter, and can be divided into square wave inverter and sine wave inverter. Square wave inverter circuit is simple, low cost, but big harmonic component, generally used for several hundred the following system and requirements for harmonic is not high. Sine wave inverter, high cost, but can be applied to all kinds of load. In the long run, SPWM sine wave pulse width modulation inverter will become the mainstream of development.
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