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Photovoltaic FuPinHu with power inverter how to choose?

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-08
Choice for many people is a very headache thing, because when facing the choice of a variety of conditions, suddenly find themselves don't know what to choose. Recently, received a friend from rural information, he want to on the roof of their building a 5 kw photovoltaic power generation systems, but at the time of photovoltaic inverter selection, in the 'select obsessive-compulsive disorder'! He first in ali than the than price, the same price differ big hundreds of power, and then in WeChat friends consultation, several agent says they are xx manufacturer directly with goods belong to the total generation somewhere, but a place to appear a few generations, who to choose? But under contact a few inverter manufacturers, every family said he is better than the other, advantage a lot of, but exactly what good? Finally found some brand inverter company, but the other hear as long as a 5 kw, simply say your contact xx region agent! After a bit, the friend in the mind is not a taste & # 8212; Let's rural people choose machine inverter why so difficult? Actually for photovoltaic system in the choice of inverter or have tips to be found. From the several aspects to consider: cost, efficiency and operational characteristics. A, often cost about people's choice for rural users, building photovoltaic system is not follow the fashion, fresh, mostly out of financial investment, to think in terms of system often cost about the people's choice. Second, the efficiency is king times of photovoltaic inverter power generation efficiency is very important to the user's system commonly used set of string inverter, battery string input of each group to an inverter, the inverter and battery of input string of MPPT independently, to ensure that each set of string maximum power, even if a particular set of string caused by a lack of solar radiation or disconnected because of malfunction, the other set of string is not affected also continue to normal power. Three, good grasp of the inverter running characteristics of electricity to its life is also a boost inverter operation process is an exothermic process, in a steady stream of electricity at the same time, there are a lot of heat caused, it will be around the inverter should have enough convection space, used to spread out around the heat, the household system usually come in a natural heat dissipation is given priority to, not with a fan, large inverter often fitted with cooling fans. Summary of the above three points, take lang special tinto 5 kw inverter for poverty alleviation, in terms of price of value belongs to a money and high cost performance products, the theory of power generation efficiency extension the new SIC - lang Mosfest+SIC- SBD design, 54 k ultra high working frequency, support of 1. 1 times the overload, high irradiation can improve the capacity of 10%; Components are all made of first-line brand, to ensure the products with stable and efficient; The appearance of the product design is more conform to the household projects, small volume, light weight, more convenient to install. Overall photovoltaic inverter need to choose according to actual situation of the users to install, not only can save the engineering cost, simplify the installation conditions, shorten the cycle of installation, and can effectively improve the efficiency of power generation system, summarized as the principle of efficient, reliable and low cost.
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