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May 2018 kw roof photovoltaic power station choose the wrong grid pattern proceeds are nearly ten thousand yuan!

by:Fangpusun     2020-11-15

Photovoltaic inverter 】 Last month, 19, 2018 national pv released the latest price. Under the new tariff, the installation of roof photovoltaic power station, choose 'full access to the Internet' or 'spontaneous for private use, electricity on the Internet', which is more cost-effective? A, 'full access to the Internet' in 2018, our country 1, 2, 3, resource area in full online electricity price benchmarking to 0 respectively. 55 yuan/KWH, 0. 65 yuan/KWH and 0. 75 yuan/KWH. Jiaxing in zhejiang province ( Three kinds of resources) A 5 kw roof photovoltaic power station as an example, Local desulfurization of coal electricity price is 0. 4153 yuan) 1 kw per day can send about 3 degrees, 5 kw can send 15 KWH a day. 

 A power: 365 * 5475 degrees 15 = a annual revenue: 0. 75 * 5475 = 4106 yuan, Local subsidies will not affect the overall income difference, two modes are not calculated) More than two, 'spontaneous for private use, electricity online' mode 'spontaneous self-use, yu electrical access to the Internet', namely the pv electricity oneself use part of the hair, to burn to sell to the electricity grid can get subsidies per watt of generating power at the same time. Spontaneous private parts price = user price + 0. More than 37 + local subsidies electric parts online price = local desulfurization of coal price + 0. 37 + local subsidies also zhejiang jiaxing 5 kw photovoltaic power station roof: once: 0. 37 + 0. 4153 = 0. 7853 dollars a year income: 0. 7853 * 5475 = 4299 yuan look 'more than spontaneous for private use, electricity online' model yields a year than 'full access to the Internet' model income: $4299 - $4106 = $197. Need to use electricity, but residents a residents electricity for the whole year is about 2000 degrees. 

 According to the zhejiang jiaxing residential electricity price 0. 538 yuan. 'Full access to the Internet' family need to pay electricity bills: 0. Photovoltaic power station 538 * 2000 = 1076 yuan a year: the net income of 4106 - 1076 = 3030 yuan. In the 'spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity online' mode: spontaneous use subsidies part = 2000 * 0. More than 37 = 740 yuan electric parts online = 0. 7853 * ( 5475 - 2000). Photovoltaic power station = 2729 yuan a year net income: $2729 + 740 = 3469 at this time, 'full access to the Internet' mode and 'spontaneous self-use, yu electric online mode' year earnings differ: 3469 - 3030 = 439 yuan. ( Twenty years is nearly ten thousand dollars! ) 

 Therefore, households with photovoltaic power station, select 'spontaneous self-use, yu electric Internet' mode higher-yielding! Three, on the roof photovoltaic power station tax problems before calculate photovoltaic power station, someone will ask questions about family roof plants pay tax.

 Ordinary household photovoltaic power station, under its area sales income is 20000 yuan per month ( Almost all residents distributed less than an income of 20000) Sell electricity or subsidy revenue, whether Internet access, are not taxed. If household photovoltaic project investment owner invoice to the local tax authorities must be taxed, can introduce relevant policies to staff. Keywords: inverter more articles about photovoltaic inverter show: 14 kinds of protection function of photovoltaic inverter
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