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Is there instruction manual for grid tie inverter ?
Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,LTD. has prepared you the Instructions to fulfill your needs, saving time and providing the reassurance.  Following the Instructions as the correct operation will affect the working efficiency and life of grid tie inverter . Except for the Instruction, our dedicated service team is available to provide expert advice and support for you.

Xihe charge controller integrates scientific research, design, production, sales and after sales service in all that we do. The solar controller series has become a hot product of Xihe charge controller. It is the design of off grid inverter that makes it very fashionable as well as durable. It provides great flexibility because it is not restrained by region. The product has individual panels that can easily be retracted and hidden or stored away and put to use at will for maximum space utilization. With integrated temperature monitoring for the battery, it features range in temperature revise.

We are committed to providing exceptional service to the products we produce. Our customers place orders with confidence, knowing they will be completed accurately and on time. To us, their satisfaction is the motivating force. Call!
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