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Interview Engineer About The Using Of Fangpusun MPPT100/50D

Interview Engineer About The Using Of Fangpusun MPPT100/50D


Hello everyone, the engineer interviews series 2 coming today,because we meet a problem about Fangpusun solar charge controller  MPPT 100/50D in last week. As you know, offer the after service from China to another country not easy. A Nigerian customer met a problem about Fangpusun MPPT solar charge controller 100/50D last week, according to the video Engineer Xu found reason, also have some suggestions to every customer who needs tech and support.


Xu is our company’ chief engineer, He has been working in Fangpusun for 11 years. And he always found the problem via video. Many customers meet products problem, Xu always offers help to customers who need tech support.

Q (Question): Hello Xu, Thank you for sharing MPPT 100/50D solar charge controller solution process with us. 

A(Answer): My pleasure. 

Q (Question):What’s the problem with this MPPT 100/50D solar charge controller? 

A(Answer):Let’s see this video, this is customer send to our sales, then she shows it to me. The customer said this MPPT 100/50D work well about 1 year, but it stops charging and the LCD showing  0A  and  0KW.



Q (Question): Yes, it seems like this MPPT didn’t work on this video.

A(Answer):Yes, seem like. When customers said, the solar charge controller well on last year, but it cannot work suddenly,we have to pay attention to what’s the difference with before. 

Q (Question):So we need to ask which question will help a lot ? or what should we do ?  

A(Answer): Obviously, we need confirm all system, which part never changed, we need confirm solar panel connect, system voltage, if possible we also need to know what’s the weather when the problem come up before?

Q (Question): Why we need to confirm the weather? Is it important for solar charge controller?

A(Answer):Very important, We have to pay attention to gusty winds and lightning strikes, the bad weather maybe will damage the products at a moment.

Q (Question):So sometimes the problem not only due to human being,  but also the great nature. 

A(Answer):Yes, exactly. So after we confirm with the customer about the weather and any changed part, we found the problem. It also shows in the video.


Q (Question): We can see the video shows 24V, it stands for this MPPT solar charge controller work voltage is 24V. 

A(Answer): Yes, Customer said he uses the 24V before the problem comes up. But he wants use 12v system, we have to adjust the solar charge controller voltage to 12V system, but the MPPT 100/50D  solar charge controller still on 24V charge working condition, that's why this mppt solar charge controller doesn’t work anymore. Because 12v charge 24v batteries too low, then MPPT does work.

Q (Question): What the suggestion about this MPPT solar charge controller ? 

A(Answer):Plan A -It is necessary to set the battery voltage to 12V, otherwise the battery will be damaged

Plan B - restore the factory settings, and then reset the ABS voltage and float voltage according to his current 12 V battery parameters

Q (Question): Thank you so much for sharing this MPPT solar charge controller tech support process. I am very happy that you spend your time with us. 

At last, Xu said that sometimes the tech support is very difficult for oversea. The engineers cannot go to your country, so we prefer to check the video, that's why we always tell Fangpusun customer’s we need some video support when Fangpusun engineer see the products on the video, we can resolve the problem faster than without it.

The engineer interviews series 2 finished, and we will keep updating it every month,if you like Fangpusun solar charge controller or inverter, our sales team always waiting for your inquiry. 

Preview of next episode-New PSH inverter, thank you for your read. Goodbye dear all~

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