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Individual installation of photovoltaic power generation is feasible? Need to spend how many money?

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-28

In personal for photovoltaic installation considerations, green energy of feelings will not recruit rejection, but after a little pleasure in spirit, rational followed 'reality' problem, the first shock to mind is, how much do you need to install a household photovoltaic power generation system? 'How much does it cost to my home to install photovoltaic power generation? 'This is a very vague problems, involved in photovoltaic industry professional knowledge, not only with the equipment required for different material and so on, also want to combine the actual situation of each, including with the size of the space, electricity, etc. 

 Knowledge is complex, the data is directly. From the perspective of individual the best benefit of the installation of photovoltaic power generation system, the cost of installing household photovoltaic system depends on three factors: 1, the equipment cost. The solar panels, photovoltaic inverter, etc. Hard equipment can not be ignored. The reasonable construction cost of pv systems is in commonly 8 - per watt 10 yuan or so, but different photovoltaic installation company has its own different pricing standard. Photovoltaic modules about 49% of the total investment, inverter and other electrical equipment is about 10%, cable and stents accounted for about 10%, proportion of this a few item is higher, is also important to consider and choose several devices.

 2, determine the installed capacity. This is one of the important factors to decide whether to have excessive costs. So how to calculate their capacity? Decide how many main factors are: building space and utilization situation. Space available for individual installation of photovoltaic power generation system determines how much, can be the most basic condition that needs to have a sunny, no ( Strong) A sheltered, for installation of floor, roof, or at least the south wall. In under the condition of enough for installation area, also need to consider family electricity supply. Photovoltaic (pv) after installation, the basic capacity is weather, people can produce positive influence is very little. 

 Because in general, electricity price must be high, the surplus electricity tariff, therefore, photovoltaic power, the greater the proportion of family USES the more cost-effective. Electricity used to affect the electricity consumption of different family, an office worker in electricity day and night almost to zero, only in the morning and the evening electricity consumption is bigger. And often the type that occupy the home during the day to night before going to bed has been in power consumption. The calculation method is: per kilowatt photovoltaic power generation system can send four times every day, take 10 square installation area. As long as the photovoltaic power station capacity is greater than the electricity consumption in the home, you can drive all electrical appliance in the home. 

 Such as home to 360 KWH per month, roof can be installed covers an area of 50 square. In general, the more electricity at ordinary times family, install photovoltaic power generation systems more cost-effective; Electricity and power matching is an important factor, good match will bring a better return on investment. 3, subsidy policy. On August 26, 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), distributed photovoltaic national subsidies to 0. 42 yuan/degree ( Pre-tax) , the principle of time limit for 20 years. In addition, there are local subsidies, subsidies for different provinces region is different, the need to consult the local policy. Based on the above, individual installation of photovoltaic power generation cost, mainly consider the installation space and budget, which determine the installed capacity of the ceiling. In consideration 'how much does it cost to install household photovoltaic power generation? 'Problem, still need to reasonable planning, in order to obtain the investment for the future of the best returns. 

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