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Important equipment of photovoltaic solar power Inverter sales

by:Fangpusun     2020-06-14
Important equipment of photovoltaic solar power Inverter sales. As in the past two years made breakthrough progress in solar power technology, the cost of photovoltaic power generation gradually declining, photovoltaic power generation proportion of the total share of global power is rising year by year. The photovoltaic power generation in 2050 accounted for 16% of global electricity consumption, solar power will be an important source of power in the world, the market space to be released. Photovoltaic industry as a new energy industry has great development value, the characteristics of its clean and efficient and sustainable utilization makes all countries successively invested to the development and utilization of the industry. In recent years, the global pv industry has experienced a leap-forward development, new power capacity from 2 in 2007. 8 gw increased year by year in 2016 to 75. 4 gigawatts (gw), is expected to reach 163 gw in 2025, the great potential of photovoltaic power generation is more interesting. And with the sustainable development of photovoltaic industry, supporting the market demand of photovoltaic inverter products with stable growth. Pv inverter as an important part in the solar system, the main function is to solar panels to produce a direct current through the power module into 11 v or 220 v ac output for the use of the load. Security and reliability of inverter direct relationship between the solar power system as a whole running smoothly, its effect to the conversion efficiency of solar photovoltaic power generation system of power generation efficiency. In addition, India, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia, South America, Middle East and other emerging market countries and regions in the future economic growth, the demand for energy, especially electricity demand will increase sharply, to promote the development of photovoltaic (pv) made a generous and sustainable industrial policy support, new power potential is tremendous, the long tail is apparent, the future will become an additional needs the strong support of the global photovoltaic (pv). Guangdong xihe technology and now the main inverter type are: off-grid power frequency inverter, NiKong all-in-one PC, storage cabinets, photovoltaic inverter and off-grid energy storage inverters, straight into the type of energy storage inverter, solar battery charging or mains charging, and to transform toward the high reliability, high efficiency and low cost trends.
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