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How to select the inverter photovoltaic power station system

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-11
1. Installation of large scale ground station can use commonly centralized inverter; And the roof of the small power stations, industrial park or photovoltaic power generation system in the public facilities, the scale is not big, generally can choose group string type inverter or micro inverter. 2. Stability and reliability of the inverter brand on the market very much, many users only notice when choosing inverter parameters such as price, efficiency, information, and neglect of the security and reliability of the inverter. In fact, the cost of pv system, inverter accounted for only 11%, but in the later stages of the photovoltaic system operational aspect, inverter after-sales problem accounts for about 50% of the after-sales problem ( The diagram below) 。 So, in a photovoltaic system during the period of operations, inverter requires the most energy and even the biggest financial resources. High quality inverter warranty time is long, low fault rate and operational aspects can worry; And cheap inverter prosperous warranty time is short, even after insecurity, poor stability and high failure rate. The worst case, probably before long I completely broke down, so need to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in new inverter. So, never try to save money, must choose a reliable brand of inverter, second from the spectral channels to buy, to ensure product quality and after-sales support. 3. Solar inverters on market efficiency, efficiency is higher in Europe and America, the European standard is 97. 2%, but the price is relatively expensive, other domestic inverter efficiency are below 90%, but the price must be cheaper than the imported. The efficiency of the inverter is very important, the higher the efficiency is in less wasted power inverter, used for electric power is more, especially when you use small power system the importance of this point is more obvious. 4. After-sales service and design service proposal to buy nice brand on the market at present here, because generally good company brand image, usually in the technology, large investment and maintenance services, can according to the needs of users design scheme is put forward, at the same time provide a good after-sales service. 5. Choose a inverter load type, the first thing to ensure enough rated capacity, to meet the requirements of electric power under the maximum load. In the inverter to the load for multiple devices, selection of inverter capacity to consider the possibility of working at the same time, a few electric equipment namely 'load factor' at the same time. When electrical equipment for the pure resistance load or power factor greater than zero. 9, the rated capacity of inverter for electric equipment capacity of 1. 1 ~ 1. 15 times. To general inductive loads, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, high-power pump, when starting instantaneous power is probably 5 ~ 6 times of the nominal power, at this point, the inverter will suffer great instantaneous surge. For such a system, the rated capacity of inverter should have sufficient margin, to ensure reliable load can start.
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