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How to maintenance of solar photovoltaic power generation system under the cold winter?

by:Fangpusun     2020-04-12
Using and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power generation system in winter is more serious. Electricity demand while the sunshine most and least in winter. Here gives some Suggestions for maintenance, and some lower standby generators used techniques. 1. Photovoltaic phalanx in the solar photovoltaic power generation systems: check and tighten bolts connection and conductor, and test output, adjust the Angle. 2. Tracker: lubricated bearing, check the bolt and shock absorption. 3. Alternate fuel system: determine the connection, and have been checked in good condition, ready for use. 4. Charge controller: check the rectifier voltage Settings, check indicates a normal voltmeter. If the battery temperature less than 55 ° F, should be allowed to charge to the higher voltage ( At least 14 for a 12 v system. 8 volts) 。 If you charge controller has temperature compensation function, automatically adjust. If there is an external temperature sensor to ensure that have been posted on the battery. If there is no automatic adjustment function, you need to manually reset to higher the voltage, and getting back in the spring, Transferred to 14. 3 v) 。 If the charge controller is adjustable, keep the battery in a warmer environment. 5. Battery ( Lead acid) : check each battery voltage, eliminate failure, and determine whether to need equalizing charge. If you need it for equalizing charge maintenance ( Usually, after the battery is full and then to eight hours of moderate overcharge) 。 The battery fluid or dust wash (above With sediment dry baking soda neutralize acid) 。 Clean or replace the corrosion of terminals. In apply vaseline oil terminals in order to prevent the further corrosion. Check the battery liquid, adding distilled water or deionized water if necessary. Check the ventilation ( Ducts have insects, etc. ) 。 Note: check the size of the wire, the connections, security measures, such as fuse. Grounding lightning protection: the installation or check grounding column or ground. 6. Load or appliances: check contact load and low efficiency purposes. For example: wall lamp of transformer and the television as long as the plug power with remote control. Is your electric heater automatic thermal control makes the inverter working 24 hours a day? Lamp: check the blackened incandescent lamp, consider using halogen lamp or fluorescent lamp replacement. Replace the dark fluorescent tube. Clean the dust off the lights and fixed bracket. 7. Inverter: check regulator, installation, wiring. Note: with the function of charging charging voltage of the inverter should be set to 14. 5 ( 29) V. Reference manual. If necessary, additional temperature probe. 8. Battery temperature lead-acid battery capacity loss of 25% in 30 ° F. After full of ice cause damage when 20 ° F. Overheating in the summer may also affect its life. So the battery should be avoided in extreme temperature environment outdoor use. According to the national standard installation indoors battery is safe to run.
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