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How to evaluate the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation systems?

by:Fangpusun     2020-04-16
How to evaluate the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation systems? 2016 - 12 - 14 photovoltaic system gradually into people's horizons. Especially in recent years, with photovoltaic power generation equipment components, inverter, such as price decline, the cost of the whole pv system declines, photovoltaic power generation systems compared to conventional diesel generator and other forms of power generation, more economical. About the cost of photovoltaic power generation systems we how to calculate? As is known to all, at the beginning of photovoltaic power generation has the characteristics of high investment cost, low operation and maintenance costs. So, in the analysis of photovoltaic power generation efficiency, costs and benefits should be to point to in photovoltaic system life cycle of the total costs and total benefits. Policy-related subsidies must be included in the analysis process of an important factor that can offset part of the grid photovoltaic system construction cost. Grid photovoltaic power generation system of life cycle cost = investment cost + operation maintenance - subsidies, grid pv system cost of investment, including pv modules, inverters, power distribution cabinets, bracket, cable and other equipment and materials purchase expense, and engineering construction fee and transportation; Operation maintenance fee including inverter and other electrical equipment maintenance, photovoltaic modules QingXiFei, pv systems operating period for 20 - commonly 30 years; Photovoltaic system construction and operation period to enjoy the policy of total subsidy. With coal-fired power generation fuel energy need to purchase, transportation, storage and processing residues, photovoltaic system input energy from the sun, do not need other energy photovoltaic system during the operating period, and almost do not produce residue. If the fixed installation of pv array, no delicate rotating parts in photovoltaic system, and the service life of the main electrical equipment such as components in more than 20 years, the system maintenance workload is very small. So photovoltaic system operation and maintenance costs significantly lower than the traditional power system operation and maintenance costs. Photovoltaic system efficiency is proportional to the output, and the key factors of photovoltaic power system with photovoltaic modules rated capacity, the solar radiation and photovoltaic system efficiency. Photovoltaic modules is rated capacity under the condition of standard test peak output power of photovoltaic components, due to the site condition is different from the standard test condition, photovoltaic modules actual output power depending on the scene of the solar radiation. In addition, the pv system output power should also be included in the various losses, and the influence of aging derating. Photovoltaic power generation is also affected by the weather is very large, rainy days can not generate electricity, so in system design, want to consider the local weather. The electricity requirements of users, consider the number of days of continuous rainy day. Grid photovoltaic power generation efficiency analysis is long-term, not only consider the initial investment cost, and should be on the life cycle of the whole system equipment costs, subsidies policy and power generation benefit are analyzed. In general, the cost of photovoltaic power generation system is the economy better electricity system solutions.
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