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How much money of 20 kw photovoltaic inverter price

by:Fangpusun     2020-11-15

20 kw photovoltaic inverter are introduced the price how many money, PH5000 series is the xihe r&d and production of a three-phase grid inverter. Its characteristic is to use a new circuit structure, the promotion overall conversion efficiency at the same time, improve the reliability of the product and the service life of products. 

 The appearance of the new design, good heat dissipation performance. Then 20 kw photovoltaic inverter price how many money? According to the quotation between 7 to 9 k k. Recommend product introduction ( Three-phase grid inverter PH5000 series) Product introduction: PH5000 series small three-phase photovoltaic inverter is suitable for the three-phase power supply home roof system. This product has the dual MPPT, and can realize different towards roof solar system installation, increase the income of the solar power. 

 Three-phase power output, can be directly and in three power grid, the installation more convenient, fast. LCD, LED display, can real-time display of the product line status and system capacity information. Product features: s maximum conversion efficiency as high as 98. 3% s design, excellent heat dissipation components temperature is lower, longer life; S large 5 inch multi-function LCD display s European conversion efficiency is as high as 98. 2% s zero voltage across functions; S integration of the whole machine design technology, 30% lighter than the similar products about 99 s MPPT tracking efficiency. 9% s the highest level of IP68 fan; S industry leading high power density, lighter, more easy to install; S support for a variety of communication methods
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