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Grid power grid inverter: why do you want to stop working?

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-31
Some people when installing a photovoltaic system, will hold a 'even if the power grid blackout, if there is the sun, oneself the home also have access to electricity' point of view, the reality is that the grid power failure, oneself the home of the photovoltaic power generation system will only in the sun, will also stop, also lack access to electricity. The causes of this phenomenon is the grid inverter, you must configure the island device, when the grid voltage is zero, the inverter will stop working. Isolated device is the essential device of all photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter, this is done, mainly to the grid security concerns, when power outage, maintenance staff to prepare to overhaul of circuit, such as photovoltaic (pv) system is still in continuous upload power, it is easy to cause safety accidents. So the standard provisions of the state, photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter must have the islanding detection and control function. Islanding detection method of passive detection and active, passive detection method of grid inverter output voltage and current amplitude, inverter and jamming signal, not to the grid by detecting parameters such as current phase shift and frequency is more than a specified value, to determine whether the grid power; This way not to cause power grid pollution, there will be no energy loss; And active detection refers to the grid inverter, timing, actively exert some disturbance signal of power grids, such as frequency and phase movement, due to the power grid can be as an infinity of voltage source, a power grid when the interfering signal will be absorbed by power grid, power grid in the event of power failure, the jamming signal will form a positive feedback, will eventually form the frequency or voltage levels, which can determine whether the islanding. Current grid inverter island resistant technology fully mature, so in households with grid project, is no longer need to acquire special island prevention device, due to some places is not only a photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter connected to the electricity grid, it is also possible that wind power, biomass power generation, energy storage systems such as distributed power, the state grid company rules, when the capacity of power grid access this area with more than 25% rated capacity, with low voltage side knife changeable fuse main switch should be transformed into low pressure switch, and reverse island device is installed at with low voltage busbar changeable; Between the low voltage main switch should be installed with the island have operation locking function, when there is contact between bus, contact switch should be installed with the islands between also have locking function operation.
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