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General how long is the life of a photovoltaic inverter?

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-10
inverter' target='_blank'>Photovoltaic inverter is belongs to power electronic products, wide range of applications. And application in the inverter on the photovoltaic power station, the main leading role will be the dc inverter can ( Batteries, battery) Converted into alternating current (ac) ( General is 220 v, 50 hz sine wave) 。 Photovoltaic inverter is the main form of printed circuit board, IGBT, dc bus capacitors, liquid crystal display screen. Components are mainly from the life of photovoltaic inverter, most of the resistor, capacitor, inductor are welded on the printed circuit board. In general the routine use of are no problem, as long as it is electronic equipment life not consumables, is almost half permanent ( Metal corrosion except) 。 Often the inverter input voltage is 12 v, 24 v, 36 v, 48 v model, there are other input voltage and output voltage is 220 v, more commonly, of course, there are other models can output voltage of different needs. Key parameters of photovoltaic inverter is: power output, the conversion efficiency, output waveform quality. Ten years ago 5 kw group string type inverter inverter price is about 1. 50000 yuan, the efficiency of about 95%, the price of 5 kw of about 3000 yuan in 2018, only 20% 10 years ago, the efficiency is about 98%, and age in progress, technology in the development of photovoltaic inverter price falling, in efficiency increases, so the life of the inverter is not 25 years, it's not a thing, it is ok to change a, and the longer run, inverter efficiency will decline, the new inverter not only low price, high efficiency, also increased a lot of features, such as PID protection, operational monitoring, and other functions. Article mentioned most power stations, the latest inverter, now in the domestic power generation increased, also added a monitoring etc. , the owner is very satisfactory. Keywords: photovoltaic inverter more articles about inverter show: photovoltaic inverter and the ratio of how components selection
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