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facts and components of a home solar wind electricity generation plant

by:Fangpusun     2020-03-28
I built my first solar wind power plant for the first home I owned.
This is more of a need than an effort to improve energy efficiency.
When my wife and I first started, we didn\'t have a lot of money and bought a house in this country out of the grid.
When we first moved in, there was a generator in the House that powered it.
Therefore, the generator must operate in order to obtain electricity.
You might suspect-
This is not to be cut.
We have been dealing with it for about two weeks and it is clear that even if the fuel price is lower than today, the generator will become expensive and difficult to run continuously.
I don\'t know at all about solar or wind, but I know my tools and my hands are good.
I know I can fix this by reading and trying it wrong.
I built our first solar wind power system for less than $200. 00.
I have no choice.
We don\'t have much money.
Thankfully, the previous owners seem to be thinking about doing solar wind power as well because luckily we have 6-
The 6 volt deep cycle battery brand new is already sitting in the generator room ready to be used with the house.
As a result, one of the larger costs was paid.
Before I proceed, I would like to explain in basic terms the components of the solar wind power system.
Basic components (
Now keep in mind that there are some parts and parts to use)
However, the main contents are as follows: 1. Solar Panels2.
Wind turbines.
Power control unit (
Control the transmission of power from solar panels and wind turbines to battery packs and from battery packs to inverters. 4.
Power Inverter (
Convert 12DC to 115v AC for home use)
Now you can also use the 24 V system I recommend as it works better. 5.
A deep cycle battery.
Now, your battery reserve will depend on the amount of power that your solar and wind generators output and the amount of power you need to store.
Obviously, the more storage space you have, the longer your power will be as long as your solar and wind generators stay charged.
It is not impossible to have a power system that not only stays in good condition, but can generate excessive power. You can pipe it back to the grid and get paid by your power company.
This is not an option for us as there is no electricity co-op in our area that we can connect.
We are about 8 miles from the nearest power box and they want $48,000.
Bring it back to our house.
We don\'t even have that in our budget.
So, I learned how to generate my own power without any prior knowledge.
Unfortunately, I read a few books (1999)
There are not so many reading materials and high-quality reading materials today.
So, my system includes: the solar panels I get (I am a builder)
Took her old house from a homeowner.
She gave it to me.
I cleaned them up and they worked very well.
On a trip I bought a power inverter from a card station in Homer and I continued to pick up a car from my mom\'s house.
It was originally powered for a half Truck sleeper, but I got the highest wattage inverter they had.
This is a Cobra inverter with 8000 Watts.
Microwaves, refrigerators, all lights, TVs, video recorders, dvd players and more are available. just fine.
We had to run the generator in order to wash the clothes.
No biggy, we just keep the laundry and wash it 3 times a week.
Water was also saved in the end.
It\'s not what we need. We have a well.
My father and I used a 90 amp Cadillac AC generator for home wind turbines.
Basically, the wind turbine installed on the shaft, the bearing runs v-
12 v wire with back to AC generator and running back to power controller. A bank of 6 -
The 6 V Deep Cycle Battery in parallel with the output 12 V also accepts 12 V charging.
When the battery is low, a 7000 Watt building generator is started to compensate.
Electric start.
I have a warning light in the house and let me know that the battery is getting lower and I can remotely start the generator from the house.
Keep in mind that most systems today can completely eliminate generators due to better technology.
The generator also charges the battery pack.
The controller will control the charging between the wind generator, the solar panel and the generator.
It also turns off charging if the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging.
This is what you will start plumbing back to the grid if you can.
This is not the case with us, so the power must be shut down, which is basically a waste.
However, this does not happen very often because we use the same power as the one we produce.
But keep in mind that this is a small system that I spent about $200 doing.
Not including the generator, it\'s already there.
Later, I bought another one at a price of 500 yuan.
Therefore, this is the basic composition and working principle of solar wind power generation system.
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