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Energy storage inverter to predict the formation mechanism and control error suppression strategy

by:Fangpusun     2020-11-03
In high power energy storage system, the energy storage inverter switching frequency is low, the introduction of sampling, calculation time delay would exacerbate output power quality and even cause instability of the system. The predictive control can eliminate the influence of the energy storage in the inverter control delay, but the prediction model is accurate and the influence of the input disturbance and the differences between the actual value. In energy storage inverter digital predictive control strategy on the basis of the prediction error is derived and the dc voltage, load current and the transfer function between the model parameter error, and then analyzed the influence of the prediction error of digital control inverter, thus put forward a product component based on output error and predictive value of full state feedback control strategy, its outer ring USES to suppress the prediction error, output voltage error integral controller adopts to the difference in the form of integral link after elimination of the influence of time delay the introduction of the output voltage feedback. This control strategy can effectively eliminate the inverter control of time delay, and suppress the error in the predictive control. At last a 30 kw prototype system is designed, the output steady-state error from 9% to 1%, validate the correctness of the proposed control strategy.
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