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Energy storage inverter in the application of the smart grid system

by:Fangpusun     2020-11-02
Storage inverter system has been considered in the process of the electric power production '- Hair - Lose - Match - Use - Store 'is an important component part of the six big link. System after the introduction of energy storage link, can effectively carries on the demand side management, cut peak pinggu, smooth load, can more effective use of electric power equipment, reduce power cost, also can promote the application of renewable energy, and improve power system stability, a means to adjust the frequency. So, the energy storage technology of the smart grid construction has important strategic significance. Energy storage inverter is the interface between grid and energy storage device, can be used in different occasions ( Grid system, island and hybrid systems) , which has the function of a series of special inverter. Introduction of the smart grid inverter system as shown in the figure below. Energy storage inverter is a kind of suitable for smart grid construction, the application in energy storage link, with bidirectional inverter as the basic characteristics, which has the function of a series of special performance, grid inverter. In the smart grid energy storage link can effectively control power resources, well balanced and electricity in different seasons, day and night to adjust, we adopted to ensure the safety of power grid. Is one of the important premise and application of renewable energy is the effective means to promote the interaction between the grid management. No energy storage, the realization of the smart grid is impossible. Energy storage inverters are suitable for all kinds of needs dynamic energy storage applications, is in power when the surplus electricity storage, electricity shortage will be stored after power inverter to the grid output; In micro emergency independent inverter. Energy storage inverter working mode: energy storage inverter operation mode can be divided into the grid pattern, the island system model and mixed model. Grid interconnection model, BESS connection in a large capacity utility grid, large capacity refers to the total capacity of the power grid at least 10 times more than BESS capacity. The main characteristic of grid pattern is BESS must go hand in hand with the existing power grid frequency. To do with grid synchronization, BESS relative to the grid as a current source. In some cases, BESS must be able to support by reactive power control for grid voltage. This pattern is often used to load plastic, filtering, load and adjust the power quality. System model island system model is BESS and one or more of the power systems in parallel to form a partial 'net'. The main characteristic of isolated system is from local power grid and large power grid, the rated power of the BESS and the total power of the local power grid are roughly equal. In this system, BESS must act as power supply network and provide the micro network voltage and frequency control. The islands of the characteristics of system are connected to the local power grid is BESS, these situations may exist in the remote mountainous area, or small island. Common applications include smooth caused by variable power supply and/or variable load power fluctuations, the stability of power grid, the optimization of fuel use and adjust the power quality. The hybrid system model hybrid system must be able to switch between grid system and the isolated system. The main characteristic of hybrid system is BESS is connected to a small local network, the power grid in turn connected to public power grid. BESS under normal working condition with large power grid as a grid system is running in parallel. If the grid electricity, from the local power grid and large power grid, BESS working in isolated system control the local power grid. Common applications include filtering, stability of power grid, adjust the power quality and to create self-healing network. Energy storage performance index and the main functions of the inverter is 1, the power to tame active control method suitable for intermittent energy output power short-term fluctuations calm; 2, power to tame the passive control mode, and accept the grid scheduling systems and control, participate in power grid peak peel; 3, charging and discharging integration design, can choose according to the characteristics of energy storage element charging and discharging strategy ( Such as constant current charge and discharge, constant power charging and discharging, automatic charging and discharging, etc. ) 。 4, parallel operation, reactive power automatic compensation or scheduling function, low voltage across functions. 5, off-grid run: independent power supply, voltage and frequency is adjustable; Between machine multimachine parallel combination of power supply, power can be automatically assigned. 6, with Ethernet, CAN and RS485 interface, offer open communication agreement, is advantageous for the BMS ( Battery management system) And the information interaction between the monitoring system. 7, complete protection function, can in all kinds of fault cases to ensure the safety of the converter and energy storage component. Main function and the role of energy storage inverter is to realize the communication between grid electricity and energy storage battery power bi-directional energy transfer, also is a kind of bidirectional converter, can fit a variety of dc energy storage unit, such as super capacitor Banks, batteries, flywheel battery, etc. , it can not only quickly and efficiently achieve smooth random distributed power generation system power or current fluctuations, improve system of large-scale renewable energy generation ( Wind power, photovoltaic) Acceptance ability, and can accept scheduling command, or supplement the grid electricity peak valley, and to provide reactive power, in order to improve the power grid power supply quality and economic benefits. In the power grid failure or power failure, it also have independent networking power supply function, in order to improve the load of power supply security. 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