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Electrical solar iot street lamp and iot system advantage

by:Fangpusun     2020-08-14
Xihe electrical and solar iot streetlights iot system and the advantages of a, the present situation of the ordinary solar street light: 1, can't remote real-time adjusting the parameters of the lamp; 2, can timely feedback street lamp fault alarm information, mainly by the inspection personnel and citizen feedback, lack of real-time, initiative and correctness; 3, not real-time, accurate, comprehensive monitoring of street lamp operation; 4, can only manual inspection, time-consuming; 5, convenient maintenance, maintenance cannot pinpoint when fault street lamp. 6, lack of unified management and scheduling. Second, the solar energy Internet of street lamp intelligent management system function 1, through the solar street lamp intelligent management system and wireless control module, exercises unified management over the street lamp, to achieve remote monitoring, real-time monitoring, intelligent lighting control, saving energy and reducing consumption of success; 2, using the Internet of things and ZIGBEE wireless communication technology, faster and further; 3, excellent planning policy control, which can realize timing open to turn off the lights, plans to adjust the proportion of light source output power, according to the geographical location of the output parameters can be set up to make plans of each month; 4, the street lamp can be hand control, control, electric, dimming and charge and discharge control, real-time display lights, solar panels, battery status information; 5, the lamp can be real-time detection and real-time monitoring of running status; 6, the street lights maintenance information in real time, and will maintain the fault information of lamps and lanterns by text message or email sent to the maintenance engineers; 7, electronic map display control terminal, the position of the lamp; 8, in both Chinese and English interface, strong commonality. Three, solar street light system features 1, intelligent control; 2, the remote real-time monitoring and management; 3, intelligent early warning, SMS, E-mail notification; 4, accurate positioning fault street lamp; 5, installation is simple, maintenance is convenient, without wiring; 6, intelligent operation, maintenance, real-time; 7, electronic map display. More xihe electrical iot solar street light system and information, please contact with us.
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