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Distributed photovoltaic power station daily how to maintain?

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-01
Nowadays, distributed photovoltaic power station has no longer a new thing, more and more enterprises and residents have begun to install photovoltaic power station. In order to make the operation of the photovoltaic power generation systems to maintain security, economic and reasonable, the owner in use for a long time how to maintenance, and maintenance of photovoltaic power generation equipment correctly? A, appearance inspection, please check carefully whether the component exists appearance defects. Observe the following points: a) Component glass to see if there is any breakage; b) If there is a sharp objects in contact with the component surface; c) If the component be obstacles, foreign body; d) If there is a corrosion cell grid line. The corrosion situation is due to component surface encapsulation materials were damaged in the process of installation or transportation, cause the water vapour permeability to internal components. e) If there is a trace of burn through observation component backplane. f) Check whether there is between component and support fixed screw loosening or damage, and make timely adjustment or repair. Second, clean solar power generation system, focus on the need to pay attention to the following: a) Accumulated dust or dirt on the surface of the component will reduce the power output, as a regular cleaning every year ( Specific time interval depends on the conditions of the installation site) 。 When cleaning, please use soft cloth, dry or wet. Not recommended with mineral water for cleaning, lest leave dirt on the glass surface. b) Under no circumstances shall not be used clean surface rough material component. c) In order to reduce the potential of electric shock or burns, crystal Suggestions in the light is not strong and component temperature lower early in the morning or in the evening when the cleaning of photovoltaic modules, especially for the high temperature region. d) Do not attempt to clean up there is a broken glass or bare wire characteristics of photovoltaic modules, which will have the risk of electric shock. Three, connectors and cable inspection, recommend once every six months for the following preventive maintenance a) Check terminal box sealing glue, make sure there are no cracks or cracks. b) Check the signs of ageing of photovoltaic modules. Including possible rodents destruction, climate ageing, and all the connectors connected closely, do you have any corrosion phenomenon. Check whether the component is good grounding. Photovoltaic power station long exposure to the outdoor environment, without any protection has a great influence on the natural environment factors on the plant, can directly affect the service life of the photovoltaic power station and power generation efficiency. To improve the utilization efficiency of photovoltaic power station, the daily maintenance is very necessary. Daily maintenance work is not complicated, components of photovoltaic power station for cleaning and checking regularly, and clean need must be weak in the sun, can't trample photovoltaic panels, need to wear insulated shoes, wearing a helmet. In short in the photovoltaic power station design the entire life cycle of operations, all want to control the key risks, so as to reduce the degree of electricity costs, improve the return on investment.
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