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Differences in photovoltaic inverter and energy storage function of inverter have?

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-01
Solar energy as a kind of renewable clean energy, its advantage is non-polluting, renewable, widely used at present. inverter' target='_blank'>Photovoltaic inverter can only generate electricity during the day, and the power is affected by the weather, has the problem such as unpredictability. Energy storage inverter can solve these problems, the perfect solution: when the load is low, the output power can use battery storage, release the stored energy when the peak load, reduce the pressure on power grid; Power grid failure, switch to the off-grid patterns continue to power supply. The photovoltaic inverter and energy storage function of inverter difference? What are those? Photovoltaic inverter and energy storage function of inverter differences mainly in the following three points: 1, energy storage of the inverter for private use rate is as high as 80%, and traditional photovoltaic inverter for private use rate is only 20%; 2, the mains failure, grid inverter paralyzed, energy storage inverters still efficient work; 3, under the background of grid power subsidies constantly, energy storage inverter yields higher.
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