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A: inverter manufacturer the internal temperature of the inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-06-04
Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the service life of inverter, high temperature will reduce the component performance and life span. Studies have shown that the temperature rise every 10 degrees, electrolytic capacitor will be cut in half, the life of a power module failure rate will be doubled. Inverter itself is a heating source, the power module, inductance, switch, cable inside the circuit will generate heat, such as all the heat in a timely manner, and not in an enclosed space, otherwise the temperature will rise more and more high. The following detailed introduce: (inverter manufacturer 1) Inverter should be put in a space that the air circulation, and external ventilation, if it is indoors, the space inside the volume 10 times more than inverter, suggest to install exhaust fan ventilation, such as conditions permit can also be installed air conditioning. ( 2) Try to avoid direct sunlight, inverter if installed in the outside, had better choose to install on the wall, bracket below the inverter or components keep out above the roof. If can only be installed in an empty place, it is suggested that the inverter installation window above the rain the sun tents. ( 3) More than one inverter installation together, in order to avoid the cooling influence each other, inverter air outlet and the other an inverter to leave enough distance between air intake, must be at least greater than zero. 5 meters. ( 4) Inverter installation position, as far as possible away from boiler, electric furnace, fuel heat fan, heating pipelines more hot place. ( 5) The heat generated by the inverter output power is higher, the higher, from the perspective of life, pv system components and the ratio of inverter, unfavorable with too much.
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