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A: inverter manufacturer how to correctly choose solar controller?

by:Fangpusun     2020-06-05
Today, solar controller has become a is no longer a strange word. It is commonly used applications in solar power system for inverter load power supply and charging for storage appliances. So we should how to choose when using, pv inverter manufacturer for the below. First of all, we have to choose high configuration panels, so quit at low voltage can be set according to their own needs, battery voltage will be normal, solar controller can also be used normally. Second is the problem of heat dissipation, controller when use can get a good heat dissipation can prolong the service life of it. Then is it the output of the period of time, now more and more consumers are satisfied with their current product output time efficiency, so we can according to their own needs to choose the appropriate controller, according to the demand to change the output of the period of time, it set the closing time, can greatly reduce the cost. After is the line loss compensation, this is a function of the present stage is difficult to control, because it requires a software device control, and then according to the different line length and diameter to compensate. Under the condition of low pressure, line loss function is very important, because when the low voltage line loss increases, then causes the output voltage is lower than the voltage at the input, leading to the capacity of the capacitor. Therefore, in our actual choice to choose the cable is not particularly fine, and the length of the cable also wants moderate. So when we choose the solar controller, according to the performance of what it needs to choose to suit our controller. At this stage in the improvement of the user needs to do more and more, the purpose is to provide more and better choices.
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