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A common application fields of solar street lamps controller is analysed

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-31
Solar street lamps controller system which has the function of the different models cannot be used on different occasions, to actual installation also need to consider the overall environment is appropriate for this kind of street lamp control system installation, of course, some believe that more intelligent more advanced more easy to control, which is in order to better manage the perimeter of the street lamp, but no matter what kind of street lamp installation, need careful maintenance and preventive maintenance, even street lamp controller of intelligent remote control to control the background data of regular feedback detection node, stability, security, this also is to use for a long time, long-term and so on, once found the problem must be timely maintenance, lest cause paralysis of the entire control system. More complex intelligent street lamp system by single lamp controller, centralized controller, communication network and monitoring of dispatching center, traditional street lamps can't accurate control, can only to turn on the light, to point to turn off the lights, not only waste the energy, shorten the lamp life, but also on the neighboring residential building light pollution, now intelligent system needs a person on the computer or mobile phone on move finger can be completed. Now common street lamp controller on the market basically has the following kinds: first, the optical model of intelligent street lamp controller is suitable for the single lamp lighting such as advertising lights; Secondly, light-controlled time controller is suitable for decorative light type such as outdoor occasions, third, intelligent controller is suitable for the large number of street lamp control, its 4, street lamp remote monitoring system for large and medium-sized city street lamp control; Fifthly, latitude and longitude of intelligent street lamp controller applies to all places of the outdoor lighting. The speeding up of urbanization not only changing people's way of life, also led to a series of supporting facilities of the upgrade, solar street lamps controller as for urban and rural road lighting control products, update its functional iteration is very fast, sheet is the latest one or two years of development of the Internet of things was from the original GPRS remote control upgraded to NBIOT remote control mode.
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